What Every Employer Should Know

Why should your business be concerned with long term care?

  • 55% of working caregivers report missing time from work because of caregiving responsibilities. (Work/Family Elder Directions, 1995)

  • By the year 2005, almost 40% of the America workforce will be in the prime age group (40-54) for caring for aging parents.  ("The Aging of America is Making 'Elder Care' a Big Workplace Issue," WSJ, Feb. 1994)

  • With the next 25 years, 1 in 3 workers will provide some type of long term care.  ("Group LTC Insurance: It's Not Just for the Elderly," Broker World, May 1997)

In addition, the financial impact on your business could be significant.
  • The cost in lost productivity to your business has been estimated at $2500 per employed long term care giver - for an annual national total of $17 billion. ("The Aging of America is Making 'Elder Care' a Big Workplace Issue," WSJ, Feb. 1994)

How can LTC insurance benefit your employees?
  • It allows an employee to continue working if a covered family member requires care.
  • It guarantees affordability of their future long term care costs.
  • It allows them to avoid dependence on family members and friends for care.
  • It protects their assets and retirement savings.
  • It ensures their current living standards.
What's the Next Step? 

By granting access to a Long Term Care program designed especially for employer groups, you can offer your employees and their loved ones a priceless benefit.  Best of all, you can offer this outstanding benefit at virtually no out-of-pocket cost to your company.

To obtain more on sponsoring and implementing a LTC program, please contact one of our long term specialists at 1-800-LTC-9336.